Since beginning ABA therapy for our son when he was 4 years old, he has made tremendous progress with CABA's help and expertise. We began services in April of 2019 and he has had the same BCBA on his case since the beginning; one of his 2 therapists has also been with our son since the beginning as well and he is extremely comfortable with them and looks forward to their in-home visits. It is obvious that they really care about our son and are dedicated to helping him to make progress in every aspect of his life. When he began, he was nonverbal and had major tantrums at his pre-school because he did not know how to express himself. With the PECS training that he and I learned from our CABA team, he is able to talk much more now, and follows directions both at school and at home. All of his teachers have noticed a big improvement in his interactions with classmates and ability to share during playtime and recess. CABA's hard work and commitment to consistency with our son has greatly improved his life and our family's life too.

Parent - B.C.

Finding CABA has been a Godsend! My son was diagnosed with ASD late and began receiving ABA therapy in our home in April 2019, when he was 8 years old. The CABA BCBA, who has been with us since the beginning, is wonderful and has 20+ years of experience in the field of ABA. I specifically asked CABA for Behavior Therapists who speak Spanish as well as English, so that I could always communicate changes, observations, concerns, improvements, etc., about my son's behavior thoroughly, since English is not my 1st language. The therapists who have worked with my son have been passionate about improving his life and are constantly thinking about creative activities to enhance his learning and engagement in all areas - social, emotional and life skills. I highly recommend CABA to anyone I meet who is looking for ABA services for their child.

Parent - C.R.