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Helpful ABA Strategies to Implement in the Home

First-Then Strategy, also known as the Premack Principle or Grandma's Law.

This strategy will assist with getting your children to complete a task. Parents use the Premack principle when they ask children to eat their dinner (low probability behavior) before eating dessert (high probability behavior). Over time, the child learns to eat dinner to gain access to the preferred behavior of eating dessert.

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How to Zoom!

1. Download the app
2. Setup an account
3. Once your account is setup you can add people
4. Click on "contacts" tab
5. Click the (+) sign in the upper right corner
6. Click add contact
7. Type in individuals' email and click invite
8. Once approved, you can video chat
9. First, clicking on the person's name
10. Then, choose "Meet" (video camera)
11. Last, video chat session